Steganos Password Manager Upgrade


Owners of a previous Steganos Password Manager can upgrade to version 22 for only $12.49 $17.49.


Just enter the Steganos Password Manager serial number and click "Upgrade now".

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What's new?

22.1.0 Account Assistant helps create a new entry when registering for a new service

22.1.0 New password quality indicator

22.1.0 New Chrome, Firefox & Edge plugins

22.1.0 Design selection now with preview

22.1.0 New "Modern Medium" design

22.0.0 AutoFill in all browsers and your favorite apps with the new iOS & Android Password Manager apps

22.0.0 Simplified categorization of entries

22.0.0 Optimized user interface with grouping options

22.0.0 Improved search function

22.0.0 Browser plugin for Microsoft Edge